Standards development

  • A Standard is a technical document detailing the requirements necessary to ensure that a material, product, service, or procedure is fit for the purpose it was intended. These requirements could include design, material, performance, manufacturing and testing requirements, including packaging and labeling.


  • Metrology is the science of measurements and its applications. Metrology is central to manufacturers, suppliers and customers of goods and services. All groups must have confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the measurements made at every level of trade. The following questions in all human activity can be

Testing Laboratories

  • Functions of the ZABS testing services • The primary function of the Testing Laboratories is to test products and assess their conformity to required standards • To provide testing services to a wide range of clientele that include Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Regulatory bodies, producers of various


  • ZABS provides training to promote awareness, and the advancement of quality management practices to industry based on local and international standards developed to enhance the competitiveness of Zambian goods and services both locally and in the world market.Training to industry is conducted to enhance advancement


  • Inspection involves verifying that the product asset or system conforms to specified criteria. It covers a wide range of services designed to reduce risk, control quality and meet regulatory requirements. The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is mandated by Law to monitor the quality of some products covered under mandatory standards entering

Import Quality Monitoring Scheme (IQMS)

  • The Import Quality Monitoring Scheme (IQMS) is a scheme that monitors the quality of goods entering the country in accordance with statutory instrument No. 41 of 2003. IQMS, inspects products to ensure compliance with standards and regulations so that only quality products are allowed in the country and sold to consumers

Domestic Quality Monitoring Scheme (DQMS)

  • The Domestic Quality Monitoring Scheme (DQMS) This is the unit that is responsible for overseeing the implementation of standards for locally manufactured goods. Implementation of the standards is either by done on a voluntary basis, or by regulation where, through a statutory instrument, the standard is declared compulsory


  • The Zambia Bureau of Standards is the service provider for Standards Certification to industry in Zambia. Certification refers to confirmation or an attestation that products, processes or systems of an organization meet the requirements of a standard or specification. It provides assurance that products,