Domestic Quality Monitoring Scheme (DQMS)

The Domestic Quality Monitoring Scheme (DQMS)
This is the unit that is responsible for overseeing the implementation of standards for locally manufactured goods. Implementation of the standards is either by done on a voluntary basis, or by regulation where, through a statutory instrument, the standard is declared compulsory by the Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry.

Where standards are applied on a voluntary basis, the process applied is called Product Certification. In the case of compulsory standards, the process of ensuring compliance is through the issuance of a Permit to Supply.

Permit to Supply
Locally manufactured products monitored under the scheme are subject to ongoing inspections sampling and testing. A permit to supply is issued to the manufacturer/supplier to supply the product on the market and is valid for one calendar year. Thereafter inspections are carried out on a quarterly basis to ensure that products consistently meet the quality and safety requirements of applicable standards for protection of the general public and enhanced competitiveness.
Permit conditions for issuance of a permit to supply a product on the market that is subject to a compulsory standard can be obtained from the Bureau. ( DOWNLOAD  application form for Permit to Supply and Permit conditions). Failure to comply constitutes a breach of the law.
There are over 50 compulsory product standards being enforced currently. (Include link to list of compulsory standards). A mark of conformity is not affixed on the label of the product.