Import Quality Monitoring Scheme (IQMS)

The Import Quality Monitoring Scheme (IQMS) is a scheme that monitors the quality of goods entering the country in accordance with statutory instrument No. 41 of 2003.
IQMS, inspects products to ensure compliance with standards and regulations so that only quality products are allowed in the country and sold to consumers

Compulsory standards are declared to ensure protection of the consumers from effects having a bearing on the health and safety of the consumer, as well as the protection of the environment.
Substandard Products
If the product does not meet the critical minimum requirements for health, safety and performance as set out in the relevant standards, such a product is prohibited entry on those grounds and seized for destruction or re-exportation at the importer’s expense


What are some of the products that ZABS Inspects
•    Some of the products that ZABS Inspects are;
•    Bottled drinking water,
•    Fruit drinks and fruit flavoured drinks,
•    Animal feeds,
•    Clear beer,
•    Number plates,
•    Cooking oil,
•    Wheat flour, maize meal,
•    Cement
•    Iron Roofing Sheets, Poly bags, Electric cables,
•    Concrete non-pressure pipes,
•    Concrete culverts, etc.