Product Certification

Manufacturers of products that are not covered by compulsory standards may also get their products certified as meeting applicable standards through the product certification scheme. This is voluntary scheme that manufacturers and/or suppliers use to assure their customers that the product they supply conforms to applicable standards. The product certification service is open to both local and international manufacturers. Once a product has been certified under this scheme, a ZABS mark of quality can then be branded on the product label as evidence of conformity to the specified standard.

The product certification licence issued under the scheme is valid for one calendar month and period inspection sampling and testing are carried out twice yearly to ensure continued compliance of the product to the applicable standard.

Conditions for product certification are given in the Certification rules (Link to the rules) which have been made pursuant to the Standards Act, Cap 416 of the Laws of Zambia.

Other Services

Other services offered under the DQMS include inspection and certification of road tank vehicles and road speed limiters.

Road Tank Vehicle Certification
ZABS inspects and certifies road tank vehicles for the transportation of petroleum products to ensure conformity of the vehicles to the Zambian standard ZS 371 - Road Tank Vehicles For Petroleum-Based Flammable Liquids - Specification. This is in collaboration with the licensing regime by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB). Inspections are carried out annually and the certificate issued forms part of the licensing conditions set by the ERB.

Road Speed Limiters
Inspection and certification of road speed limiters on public service vehicles to ensure compliance to the Zambian standard ZS 675. This service is offered on a voluntary basis and is normally done for cargo and freight transporters, but can be performed for any vehicle fitted with a speed limiting device.


product certification?

3.    The third and final step involves follow up inspections of the factory by ZABS officials to make sure that for as long as the designated product bears the certification mark, the products manufactured continue to meet the prescribed standard. This is conducted through surveillance inspections, during which samples of the product are taken from the open market for laboratory testing and quality evaluation.

Validity of License
The license to use the certification mark on products is renewable yearly subject to continued good performance of the manufacturer and his willingness to continue with the certification scheme.