Functions of the ZABS testing services
•    The primary function of the Testing Laboratories is to test products and assess their conformity to required standards
•    To provide testing services to a wide range of clientele that include Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Regulatory bodies, producers of various products, Retailers, Academic institutions, the General public and consumers

What Testing services are provided?

The laboratories test both locally manufactured and imported goods in compliance with Zambian Standards, International standards or client specifications
What are some of the products that are tested in the laboratories?
a.    Food, Water, Beverages and Agricultural products
b.    Industrial products
c.    Paints and Inks, solvents and adhesives
d.    Petroleum products
e.    Condoms
f.    Packaging materials and textiles
g.    Milk and meat products
h.    Animal feeds
i.    Soaps and detergents
j.    Fats and Oils
k.    Cosmetics
l.    Pesticides
m.    Electrical cables and household electrical products

What testing laboratories are available at ZABS?

a.    General Chemistry.
b.    Microbiology laboratory
c.    Chromatography laboratory
d.    Paint testing  laboratory
e.    Condom Testing laboratory
f.    Textiles and Packaging laboratory
g.    Petroleum laboratory
h.    Electrical testing laboratory


Why should products be tested?

The purposes for testing include
a.    To ensure that the product quality complies with requirements of the relevant standard
b.    To ensure that the manufactured products adhere to good manufacturing practices
c.    Testing maybe done as part of investigation on product complaints
d.    To ensure the product is safe for use by consumers or the general public

Why Choose ZABS Testing laboratories

•    The laboratories are equipped with modern equipment able to test various products against set standards
•    ZABS has competent, friendly and self-motivated staff, capable of meeting client requirements
•    ZABS ensures appropriate quality at all stages of laboratory operations in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025: General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories
•    The Condoms and General Chemistry labs are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and this means that results produced are internationally recognized.