Our Role

ZABS provides training to promote awareness, and the advancement of quality management practices to industry based on local and international standards developed to enhance the competitiveness of Zambian goods and services both locally and in the world market. Training to industry is conducted to enhance advancement of professional development in quality and compliance management in order to increase industrial efficiency and productivity.

Organisation of Training

In our quest to provide training and consultancy in standardization, and quality management practices to Industry, a mixed training program has been designed to effectively deliver trainings at the convenience of the participants in a professional manner.  Trainings are organized as in-house training   and open training.

In-house trainings, upon request, are conducted at the premises or any suitable venue identified by the organization needing the training.  This type of training is available to organizations with a minimum number of 5 delegates or participants. Open trainings are available to the general public on a particular set date and venue. The Bureau invites participants from the general public and corporate organizations to register for training in various courses. The dates and courses on offer for open trainings are outlined in the ZABS annual training calendar. 

 Who conducts training?

Our team of trainers comprise of ZABS members of staff who are qualified and technically competent professionals with vast experience in delivery of training and consultancy in the area of the courses offered.  All our trainers are equipped with the practical knowledge of the standards and are able to guide participants in understanding and implementing lessons learnt in their respective fields.

2018 Training Calendar

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Training Registration Form
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