Quality Assurance Schemes


ZABS implements standards through product certification and management system certification schemes whereby good quality products and management systems are given a quality mark to denote compliance to standards and provides confidence of the quality of the product/system to the consumer. ZABS also implements standards through Import and Export inspections.


Some of the current schemes include :
  • Product Certification Scheme
  • Domestic Quality Monitoring System Scheme
  • Timber Inspections Scheme
  • Quality Management System - ZS ISO 9001:2008 Scheme
  • Import Quality Monitoring Scheme. The Import Quality Monitoring Scheme (IQMS) has been running since April 2003. The Bureau is able to monitor the quality of goods entering the country through this scheme in accordance with Statutory Instruments No 41 and 78 of 2003 and SI 120 of 2006.
  • Hardwood timber is the only product currently subject to export standards compulsory requirements. Exotic timber species are not covered. This is covered by SI No. 70 of 1997( Forests Act supp.) and the Forests (timber export) regulations, 1997
  • Other Inspections include:
    • Fuel Tanker Inspections. Inspects and certifies fuel tankers to ZS 371 and ZS 372 Done in conjunction with ERB
    • Speed Limiter Inspections. Inspects pre-fitted speed limiters on heavy duty road transport for compliance to ZS 675. Done in conjunction RTSA