Product Certification

The Zambia Bureau of standards has been certifying products for more than 30 years now and has continued to improve its service. Product Certification is a voluntary Quality Assurance Scheme.


The presence of the ZABS Certification Mark on the product assures the customer that the certified product is periodically inspected and tested and conforms to the required Standards.


The use of the ZABS product certification mark on any product:
  • Demonstrates that a product and the respective production process have been independently verified for conformity to product standards and process controls respectively.
  • Minimizes the risk and associated cost of potential claims and product recall and
  • Provides you with a recognized marketing advantage. The presence of a quality mark like the ZABS mark greatly influences the purchase decision.


Our capability has been greatly enhanced by the construction of multi billion kwacha laboratories to test a range of products. The chemical microbiology and food laboratories are already operational while the construction and electrical testing laboratories are yet to be developed. Our pricing structures accommodate small firms and cost effective sampling for large companies. All costs are shown explicitly in our quotations as the principles of trade facilitation encourages transparency and predictability in business by providing all relevant information to the public.


Product certification is an important pre requisite for manufacturers. Certified products open doors to both local and international markets by demonstr ating to buyers that a product meets the applicable safety and or performance standards in the country of origin.


Products that successfully conform to the certification requirements that are usually rigorous and performed in carefully controlled conditions are enti tled to bear the organizations mark. These marks show designers, specifiers, installers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers that the product meets t he requirements of applicable standards.


ZABS performs both standardization and certification functions. In standards development, the organization prepares updates, publishes and distributes p roduct (and service) national standards through the various Standards development committees. Each standard typically bears a unique identification for example, ZS 388 which is the Zambian Standard for bottled water.


Organizations providing product certification services evaluate products for compliance to the applicable standards. Standards are available for any int erested organization or manufacturer that may want to certify their products to any applicable standard. Below is the ZABS mark that would be found on a product certified to an applicable ZS Standard.



The Certification Process



The Expertise


The ZABS professional staff includes Chemists, Microbiologists, Food Scientists and Engineers with the experience and background vital for process auditing and inspection for compliance with applicable product standards.


ZABS inspectors and auditors receive both internal and external training in accordance with international standards such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 17020 and ISO 17021 , HACCP, ISO 2200 to ensure they stay up to date with industry trends.