The Zambia Bureau of Standards Documentation and Information Centre holds a collection of Zambian, International and Foreign National Standards and Technical Regulations. The Centre also acts as the National Enquiry Point for WTO Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT). The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is officially designated WTO – TBT National Enquiry Point (NEP) for Zambia. According to the WTO – TBT Agreement, Zambia's NEP is supposed to regularly notify the WTO Secretariat of all proposed government regulations, conformity assessment procedures and standards – related trade information that might significantly affect International Trade. The Secretariat disseminates the notifications to all WTO members. The NEP also maintains notifications of proposed foreign regulations/standards issued through the WTO Secretariat and disseminates them to interested parties in Zambia for their review and comments. The comments by Zambia's stakeholders are sent to the countries, which issued the proposals, for further consideration.


The Documentation and Information Centre is also responsible for registration of organizations and individual who are eligible to receive ISO draft Standards for comments and voting.




    The centre provides the following services:
  1. Publishing of Zambian Standards,
  2. Acquisition of International and Foreign National Standards such as ISO, IEC, ASTM and South African standards,
  3. Reference services on standards and technical regulations stocked in the Library,
  4. Dissemination of information to exporters on standards and technical regulations existing in the importing countries,
  5. Dissemination of information to importers on Zambian Standards and Technical Regulations,
  6. Sale of Zambian, International and Foreign National Standards,




Membership to the Documentation Centre is accorded to organizations and individuals who have paid the full annual membership subscription fees.
    Apart from using the library services, subscribing members are entitled to the following:
  1. Copy of the catalogue of Zambian Standards
  2. Copy of the ZABS newsletter (quarterly publication)
  3. Copy of the WTO - TBT Notifications bulletin
  4. 10% discount for each Zambian Standard bought
  5. Annual membership certificate
  6. Use the library for reference
  7. Listed on the ZABS Website