Top Ten Standards

Latest Review of Top Ten Zambian Standards

1ZS 388: 2000Bottled drinking water Specification.Specifies the description, treatment, testing, packaging and labeling of bottled water for human consumption. The bottled water may be offered as table, mineral or natural mineral water, and either as non-carbonated (‘still’) or carbonated (‘sparkling’).
2ZS 554: 2011Fruit flavored drinks Specifications.Prescribes the requirements and methods of test for fruit flavored drinks.
3ZS 723:2008Peanut Butter SpecificationPrescribes requirements and test methods for stabilized or unstabilized peanut butter of two textures, either the smooth or crunchy type
4ZS 233: 2005Specification for crude edible vegetable oilSpecifies requirements for crude edible vegetable oils obtained from groundnuts, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds and soybeans.
5ZS 234: 2005Refined edible vegetable oil Specification Specifies requirements for refined edible vegetable oil
6ZS 266: 1996Reflex - reflecting vehicle number plates SpecificationSpecifies the requirements for reflex-reflector number plates for fitting to vehicles.
7ZS 247: 1990Household hand dishwashing liquid detergentSpecifies the requirements for liquid detergents compositions used for the hand washing of dishes and similar items used for domestic food preparation and consumption.
8ZS 547 Part 2 : 2004Lubricating oils – Specification
Part 2: Industrial Gear Oils for open Gears
Specifies requirements for open gear lubricants to be used for various methods of applications to the general industrial helical, herringbone, spur and bevel open gears.
9ZS 431: 2004Compound FertilizersSpecifies the requirements for sampling and test methods for Compound Fertilizers
10ZS 018: 2013Pig feeds - Specification (third revision)Prescribes specifications, methods of analysis, sampling and testing creep feeds and concentrate, finishing feeds and concentrate for pigs.