Strategic Partnerships

Srategic Partners with ZABS


  1. MCTI

The Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI) is Zambia's principal government body responsible for administering trade policies as well as regulating activities in the commercial, trade and industrial sectors in order to enhance sector performance and promote sustainable socio-economic development and growth of the economy. Major economic sectors of the Zambian economy include mining, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and services.

ZABS is one of the statutory bodies under MCTI.

  1. ZEMA

An Agency in Zambia formerly (Environmental Council of Zambia - ECZ - that provides for integrated environmental management and the protection and conservation of the environment and the sustainable management and use of natural resources.

ZABS works with ZEMA in formulating standards on environmental related matter.

  1. ZICTA

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) is an ICT Regulatory body responsible for regulating the ICT Sector in Zambia. It falls under the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications and derives its mandate from the three Acts, the Postal Services Act No. 22 of 2009, Electronic Communications and Transactions Act No. 21 and the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Act No. 15 of 2009 to regulate ICTs, postal and courier services in Zambia. As conferred in the ICT Act, ZICTA also referred to as "The Authority".

ZABS sets standards in the ICT sector which in return ZICTA enforces.

  1. Energy Regulation Board

The Energy Regulation Board is mandated to monitor all energy related matters. ZABS works with ERB on energy standards among others.

  1. CEEC

The Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission was established by the Zambian Government through an act of Parliament Act No. 9 of 2006 with a mandate to implement various economic empowerment programs across the country.

The rationale of the CEEC is to promote the empowerment of citizens that have been marginalized or disadvantaged and whose access to economic resources and development capacity has been constrained due to various factors such as race, sex, educational background, status and disability.

  1. RSTA

The Road Transport and Safety Agency was established under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act No.11 of 2002. The Road Traffic Act No.11 of 2002 was enacted by the Parliament of Zambia on 31st December 2002.

  1. ZWMA

Zambia Weights and Measures Agency is the statutory body tasked by the weights and Measures act Cap 403 and the weights and measures amendment act 12 of 2003, with execution of legal metrology and falls under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry. Its role in summary is to assure the accuracy and thus fairness of all measuring equipment and that of actual versus stated quantities on the labels of pre-packaged consumer goods. Equipment covered under this mandate includes fuel filling station pumps, market scales and vehicle weighbridges while prominent pre-packaged goods examples include maize-meal, sugar, fertilizer and cement.

  1. CCPC

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, formerly Zambia Competition Commission, is mandated to fostering a competitive culture where individuals and their businesses (large and small, at all levels of production) have the opportunity to trade efficiently and fairly, and that consumer rights are upheld and adequately protected. We understand our responsibilities to emanate from Competition and Consumer Protection Act No.24 of 2010 (the Act).

ZABS works in collaboration with CCPC to ensure that consumers are protected.

  1. PACRA

The Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) is a semi-autonomous executive agency of the Zambian Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry. Its principal functions are to operate a legal system for registration and protection of commercial and industrial property and to serve as a legal depository of the information tendered for registration. It comprises two core departments - Industrial Property and Commercial. Others are Accounts, Human Resources and Administration, and Information Technology (IT).

ZABS works with PACRA when industries open companies

  1. Zambia Association of Manufacturers

ZAMBIA ASSOCIATION OF MANUFACTURERS (ZAM), a registered organization in the Republic of Zambia, is a business association which represents the interests of the entire manufacturing sector and other related economic and/or production sectors in Zambia.

It was established in 1985 with the view to foster dialogue and relations between the Manufacturers and the Government so as to increase industrial intensity in Zambia.

ZAM's major objective is to promote the manufacturing sector through policy advocacy, dialogue, lobbying and technology upgrading of the production process as a way of improving productivity and competitiveness in the industry.

ZABS has a MoU with ZAM.

  1. ZACCI

ZACCI is the apex national body, representing business in Zambia, whose mission is to promote and develop productive economic activities including trade, commerce and industry. ZACCI lobbies and speaks authoritatively on behalf of the business community and acts as a link between the private sector and Government in Zambia.

ZABS has a memorandum of understanding with ZACCI to help various industries grow in the country.

  1. Zambia Development Agency

Zambia Development Agency Act No 11 of 2006. This legal instrument provides exciting investment opportunities for both local and foreign investors.