ZABS Training Service

Trainng To Industry

As a support function to industry, ZABS provides consultancy and training in the areas of Standardization, Quality Assurance and other related fields. In this area, ZABS offers courses in Quality Management Systems based on ISO 9000: 2000 series of International Standards, Total Quality Management (TQM), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Service Quality, Metrology, Advanced Quality Skills for secretaries, and Customer Care for Secretaries/Front Office staff, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and Food Quality Control.


  • Metrology and Calibration methods;
  • Company, National, Regional and International Standards;
  • ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems;
  • Total Quality Management;
  • Service Quality;
  • Front Office and Customer Care;
  • Inspection methods;
  • Proficiency testing;
  • Food safety and Hygiene Practices.



At international level, ZABS is a member of the International Standards Organization (ISO), International Electro Technical Commission (IEC), International Bureau of Metrology (BIPM) and participates in Standards, Quality Assurance and Metrology (SQAM) activities of COMESA and SADC. Additionally, ZABS is the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) National Enquiry Point for the purposes of the World Trade Organization (WTO).


To enhance its capacities, ZABS has signed a Cooperation Agreement for the provision of training experience and transfer of skills to ZABS staff with the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) in the areas of quality and Environmental Management Systems certification. This entails that ZABS has a large pool of experienced human resource to draw from and deliver the required services as demanded by the client. ZABS also cooperates with other National Standards bodies in both Southern African Development Cooperation (SADC) and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) from where it is able to draw more resources as need arises.