The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has recorded an increase in the number of certified products in the country, an outcome that will increase the uptake of local products on the local and international market. ZABS Executive Director Manuel Mutale has confirmed that the demand from manufacturers for certification has been overwhelming, a sign that the benefits of certification are being appreciated. He has further urged manufacturers whose products are certified to consider expanding to other markets within the region as he is optimistic of the gains that this move will have.

“I can confirm that the demand for certification these past months has been overwhelming. To date we have certified 460 local products and the numbers are still growing. This is a good sign that we are ready to serve both the local and regional markets and contribute to any deficits that may be present. As you know, the Covid 19 outbreak and the riots that were being experienced in our neighboring country South Africa had an impact on the flow of goods in Zambia and across the region, considering that they are a major suppliers of quite a number of goods. It is with this that I urge our local manufacturers whose products are certified to cast their nets wide into the regional markets that may have been directly impacted by the supply disruptions.” Mr. Mutale said.

The Zambia Bureau of Standards has continued to increase its capacity in the provision of certification services to cater for other sectors such as construction, engineering, agriculture and aquaculture. The institution has been promoting product certification as the only sure way to verify that manufacturing practices remain consistent over time and allow consumers to confidently target products that are certified, able to meet customer and market needs.