The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has noted a slight improvement in the number of Electrical products that are being brought in for performance and Quality checks. ZABS Testing Laboratories Manager Andrew Chipongo says there is need for a push from regulators and consumers in demanding that manufacturers of electrical products take steps to ensure their products meet the respective standards. This he said, will help reduce the frequent occurrence of electrical fires due to substandard products.

“There has been a slight increase in the number of electrical samples being brought in for testing in our electrical laboratory. The first half of the year showed a total of 146 samples tested compared to 127 samples that were tested in the same period last year. These samples include electrical cables which are mostly used for wiring in buildings, household appliances such as pressing Irons, Kettles and other electrical accessories. The tests that are conducted are for safety, performance and quality. The importance of testing these products cannot be understated because they help to validate the performance of the product and ensure fitness for purpose and consistency.

“As a National Standards Body we have quite a number of standards for electrical products that guide our testing procedures so that we are able to identify defects, products which are damaged or indeed substandard. Our appeal to importers and manufacturers of these products is that they take steps to ensure their products meet the respective performance and safety requirements and one way of doing this is through testing with the Zambia Bureau of Standards.”

 Mr. Chipongo gave credit to some manufacturers of electrical cables who have shown this commitment and gone a step further by certifying their products. ZABS houses an Electrical Laboratory with the capacity to test an array of electrical products.