About us

About us

ZABS is a statutory body under the Ministry of Commerce Trade and Industry established in 1982.

Over the years ZABS has carried on its role of developing standards and providing conformity assessment services to industry. With the realignment of the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) in 2018, to international best practices, ZABS role is now more focused towards supporting industry to implement standards that enhance the quality of products and services for industry growth and competitiveness.

Our Mandate

 In the recent past, there has been substantial changes in global trade flow which has led to the enhancement of the role of quality and standards in economic development.
  • Develop, publish, maintain, or withdraw Zambian National Standards and related normative publications serving the standardization needs for Zambia
  • Provide inspection services, testing services and system and product certification
  • Provide a voluntary certification mark scheme for the assurance of product conformity to standards
  • Promote quality, health and safety standards for commodities, products and services
  • Facilitate efficiency in industry and promote trade through standardization.
  • Provide for a Research and Development program for new standards, improvement of existing standards, standardization of test methodology and the articulation of future needs that might affect the standards environment.

Our Mission

To promote competitiveness of industry and a quality culture

Our Vision

A credible and proactive Institution in providing Standardization and Quality Assurance services

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Our Core Values


We will act visibly and justifiably to promote participation and accountability with our clients and stakeholders


We shall be answerable to our stakeholders for all our activities

Service Delivery

We will strive to meet the diverse needs of our clients with efficiency and commitment


We will strive to be proactive in the provision of services and ensure that our clients are attended to in a timely manner


We will always be diligent, committed, efficient and effective in the execution of our duties, providing a service next to none.